GOP slaps Corzine on staffer’s ‘please be creative’ e-mail

Republicans are accusing Gov. Jon Corzine of playing election year politics by economic development statistics after a top aide e-mailed cabinet members asking them to demonstrate some creativity by identifying places where the administration created private sector jobs.

"Now we have proof of what we have suspected for a long time — the Corzine Administration is politicizing official State business to distort the true state of the economy to the benefit his campaign," said Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), the GOP State Chairman.

Webber says that e-mail, written by Corzine Deputy Chief of Staff Mark Matzen, follows "highly suspicious and wildly optimistic job-creation statistics produced in consecutive months by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development." Matzen cited those numbers in his e-mail.

Webber wants Corzine's staff to "cease all political work" and says the governor must disclose correspondence and communications between Matzen and the fourteen department heads who received the e-mail.

"It's very concerning that Governor Corzine appears to be using taxpayer-funded government workers to help assemble campaign-type events for his election," said Bill Stepien, campaign manager for Corzine's Republican opponent, Christopher Christie. "The Governor has some serious questions to answer."

GOP slaps Corzine on staffer’s ‘please be creative’ e-mail