Harry Macklowe Tells a Joke, Part II

And he does it again.

Back in July, developer Harry Macklowe made his debut on the very small screen, telling a knee-slapper of a joke for the ever-amusing Web site, OldJewsTellingJokes.com

Now he’s done it again. Or, more precisely, the Web site, whose makers taped Mr. Macklowe telling multiple jokes a while back, has, after a three-month break, posted a second Macklowe howler.

In this bit, Mr. Macklowe regales the audience with the following:

Sam and Becky are happily married for many, many years. They’re approaching their fortieth anniversary. And every night, every other night, they make passionate love.

Becky says, “You know something, you fill me with such enjoyment. But you always have the lights off. I’m going to turn the lights on.” With which she reaches over, turns the light on and she sees that there is Sam, and he has a vibrator.

She says, “My god! Can you explain that?”

He says, “Darling I could explain it, if you could explain our two children.”



Watch it for yourself here.


Harry Macklowe Tells a Joke, Part II