Highlights From Mayor Bloomberg’s Post-Game Loitering

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Massachusetts native who doesn’t particularly enjoy the game of baseball, seemed to enjoy basking in the Yankees’ glow last night.

While Fox conducted its postgame interviews, Mr. Bloomberg stood right next to the interviewer, with his hands on his hips or crossed across his body, listening intently and nodding in agreement. It was unclear exactly why. (City Room wondered too, and did a Top Ten list.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the mayor’s performance:

1:25 – First Bloomberg sighting. Shifts hands from hips; crosses arms.

2:10 – Bloomberg nods in agreement when it’s said that Andy Pettite has four World Series rings. Continues standing awkwardly by.

Then he disappears for a bit.

7:15 – He’s back! Talking to some of the Steinbrenners before he gets interested in the interviews again.

7:25 – He gets a mention, which would seem to be the point of lingering. But he’s too busy talking to acknowledge it.

7:55 – The mayor claps longer than anyone else when the ALCS trophy is presented to Hal Steinbrenner.

9:00 – Grimaces and tries to shrink away when some champagne gets thrown in his direction. Quickly returns to intense interest in Joe Girardi interviews. Highlights From Mayor Bloomberg’s Post-Game Loitering