Hillary Lawyer Reshma Saujani to Challenge Maloney?

Multiple sources have said former HillPac lawyer Reshma Saujani is considering a primary challenge to Representative Carolyn Maloney, the Manhattan Democrat who threatened to run for Senate earlier this year.

Saujani has a compelling biography for a candidate.

She’s the daughter of immigrants who fled from violence in Uganda, and has degrees from Harvard and Yale.

Saujani reportedly interned in the White House at the same time as Monica Lewinsky.

By the age of 28, Saujani had established herself politically as an effective fund-raiser for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. At the time, she was quoted as saying, “I’ll be into active politics myself in a few years. I hope to become a Senator someday.”

Several people who supported or worked for Hillary Clinton said Saujani had expressed interest to them in running for the seat.

Despite her reputation for being quirky, and her unceremonious withdrawal from a threatened Senate campaign against Kirsten Gillibrand, Maloney is a formidable figure on Manhattan’s East Side. She’s held the seat since 1992 (sometimes dispatching primary opponents by kicking them off the ballot).

And despite the ambitions of a number of elected officials in the area, none have taken the step of trying to oust Maloney. The district had represented for years by Rockefeller Republican types, like John Lindsay and Bill Green (who was eventually defeated by Maloney) in Congress and Roy Goodman and John Ravitz in the legislature. But Maloney’s defeat of Green in 1992 helped Democrats takeover the area, and nowadays, the only really contested fights are among Democrats.

Calls to Sunjani’s office at Fortress investment Group office were not immediately returned. Hillary Lawyer Reshma Saujani to Challenge Maloney?