HuffPo Knows What is Best for Books

In a column addressed to her “Dear Colleagues in Publishing,” editor Amy Hertz of the new Huffington Post Books vertical lets everyone know How Things Will Be Around Here.

The most important pointer for said colleagues (as Gillian Reagan points out) is not to pitch book reviews. According to Hertz, book reviews are “conversation enders,” and we live in “the age of engagement.”

Rather, conversation should be started in the form of a sales pitch:

At some point, you got that manuscript or proposal in from an agent, you fell in love with it so madly that you were willing to face the firing squad (aka acquisition board) in order to sign up the book. To get past that hurdle you had to be a hell of an advocate, and you had to believe deeply in the author you were asking the company to invest in–because your job depends on your instincts being right. And when your life depends on that decision-making ability, you have to speak more passionately and eloquently about that book than than anyone else can. Don’t you think readers of the books section will be moved by that? I do.

And be sure to start far, far in advance (two to four months), because if there’s one thing that’s conducive to substantive conversation, it’s an extended period of hype.

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HuffPo Knows What is Best for Books