HuffPost Opens Books Section

As the Observer reported last month, The Huffington Post has been working on a books vertical. Today, on Oct. 5th, HuffPost Books went live. The new section has the site’s usual amalgam of news, profiles, Q&As, and video–along with users’ reviews and essays from the New York Review of Books, which is officially partnering with the site, as the Observer reported.

One NYRB piece on HuffPost’s site is a 4,000-word review from James Bamford on author Matthew Aid’s The Secret Sentry: The Untold History of the National Security Agency. Some of the articles will be posted on the site before the print version is in stores and mailboxes. Other articles will also be available on “a branded space” in the section. The graphic linking to the books section on the front of HuffPo’s site reads: “BOOKS/NYR.”

“My hope for HuffPost’s Books section is that it becomes a gathering place for all kinds of book lovers — readers, booksellers, writers, editors, reviewers, book publicists, sales reps, book designers and printers — to speak to each other, to exchange ideas, to honor where we’ve come from as well as the road ahead,” wrote the section’s editor, Amy Hertz, who is keeping her job as editor-at-large Penguin’s Dutton Books division. “Books are alive and well, but everything around them is changing…while the Internet won’t kill books, boredom, earnestness and despair just might.”

“The Huffington Post Book Club: Arianna’s Reading” will launch tomorrow, with her first pick. “[W]e’re not going to pick only new releases or the latest bestsellers,” Ms. Huffington said on the site. “There is absolutely no reason for books to have a limited shelf life. Indeed, good books should provide the ultimate resistance to the disposable culture we live in, and I want to celebrate that fact.” She’ll periodically write up a little something about a book she’s reading and readers will be welcome to chime in.

Ms. Huffington recruited some of her celebrity and political friends to contribute to the HuffPost Books, including Howard Dean; Bob Miller, publisher of Harper Studio; author Jonathan Safran Foer; and book publicist Arielle Ford; among others.

HuffPost Opens Books Section