BusinessWeek Speculation Frenzy Ends: Bloomberg Buys

Bloomberg LP, the leading contender to buy BusinessWeek, has bought BusinessWeek.

Unfortunately for the magazine (which The Times says will be renamed Bloomberg BusinessWeek), this probably means it will no longer be a hot topic of media conversation. Ever since BusinessWeek went up for sale, everyone–Daily Transom included–decided they loved talking about it, but his was not always the case, as Matt Haber of pointed out earlier today:

Surely the central irony of McGraw-Hill’s imminent sale of BusinessWeek is that before it was announced that the title was for sale in July, no one in the small, self-referential media world seemed to care about the magazine, much less talk about it constantly.

Haber offered “a modest proposal”: Why not just keep the magazine up for sale indefinitely and let the gossip continue unabated?

Oh well.

  BusinessWeek Speculation Frenzy Ends: Bloomberg Buys