Items! Dark Pools and Bus Tours of Newark

Senator Schumer wants the S.E.C. to illuminate dark pools.

Tony Kushner says Bernie Madoff is a murderer.

Warren Buffet would like to see some sticks with those Wall Street carrots.

Legal journalist Jan Crawford Greenburg moves from ABC to CBS.

Bernard Kerik revokes bail, but worse, the judge calls him “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance.”

Did Mariano Rivera throw a spitball in the 10th last night?

Obama heads to the Mandarin Oriental tonight a much different politician than the first time Ben Smith saw him there.

The Modern Love column becomes a movie.

Malcolm Gladwell advises against journalism school.

The Daily News tries to start a feud between Coney Islanders and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Stage hands make a shocking amount of money.

It’s surprising that Philip Roth showed up on a Philip Roth bus tour. But isn’t it surprising enough that there are Philip Roth bus tours in the first place?

Items! Dark Pools and Bus Tours of Newark