Items! Dobbs Dodges, D.A.s Dine

Lou Dobbs is dodging gunshots and he’s “not in the mood to put up with little fools like Geraldo Rivera.”

Andrew Cuomo walks a few blocks with Bill Thompson.

Brooklyn Law decides not to rat on student downloaders.

East River tolls making a comeback?

Triumph Books, a Random House imprint, won’t publish the tell-all of disgraced NBA ref Tim Donaghy.

Time Inc. is cutting $100 million in costs.

Pete Peterson would like to see Goldman Sachs give somebody a $1 billion dollars.

“Anyone who thinks (food-related) print media is going to survive is kidding themselves,” says Anthony Bourdain.

Twitter is no match for very long stories, says a very long story in The Washington Post.

The L Train gets even fancier.

That book pricing war does not rage in Europe.

Maybe New York is the vainest city in America.

Five D.A.s meet for lunch.

Phaidon makes a pop-up bookstore.

Look out, New England; the evangelists are coming.

Dominic Carter’s wife testifies that her bruises were from a day laborer.

Vanity Fair’s Squash Blog takes its last swing.

Items! Dobbs Dodges, D.A.s Dine