Items! Exo-Planets, Food Stamps, Heartbeats

Walter Cronkite’s papers are headed for Austin, but his moon rock isn’t going anywhere.

This was not the first incident for Balloon Dad.

One of the smoking gun e-mails in the Bear Stearns case is no longer smoking.

Art make students smart, or at least more likely to graduate.

32 new exo-planets are discovered; SuperEarths rise 30 percent.

Columbia suspends its environmental reporting program.

An NYU grad student is getting food stamps; this worries fellow NYU students.

More Glamour staffers are out of work.

Frankfurt Book Fairgoers are not psyched about Google Books.

Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis offends some Christians.

Mayor Bloomberg isn’t taking sides on the other side of the river.

Senator Schumer starts a fight over overdraft fees.

Mike Scioscia keeps hoping for a heartbeat.

Profit drops 53 percent, making Gannett cheerful.

Invoking Detroit: indefensible.

  Items! Exo-Planets, Food Stamps, Heartbeats