Times Finds Co-Op Life Exactly as Imagined

The Times indulged in a wacky-Brooklyn story this Sunday: a big blog-baiting feature on the woes of Food Co-op delinquency. The netherborough’s quaint customs–the cleaning of organic kale, the delicate internal balancing of self-consciousness and self-righteousness–are all dutifully trotted out over the course of a story that takes three pages to convey nothing surprising.

Gawker took the easy shot, of course, declaring that the article contained “every awesome, incredibly true cliche about BoBo Brooklyn.”

But even native voice Brownstoner seemed a little awestruck: “Food Co-Op Exile’s Story Demands 2,000 Words,” the blog wrote. “Comrades, a new standard has been set for Park Slope Food Co-Op navel gazing.” Times Finds Co-Op Life Exactly as Imagined