Times Rips Off Chronicle, Chronicle Guy Says

Phil Bronstein (of San Francisco Examiner- and Chronicle-editing, Sharon-Stone-marrying-then-divorcing fame) is not pleased with The New York Times.

For one thing, he thinks that the new Times “Bay Area Report” is ripping off Chronicle stories. In a Huffington Post column, he compares the beginnings of two articles on the new Oakland police chief. They are too close for comfort, in his opinion.

Also, and more importantly, he is displeased that the Times is encroaching on his territory. He expresses this by belittling their efforts:

After causing competitive shivers among some Bay Area journalism institutions, how interesting it is that the Times chose to invade our Western shore pretty much wearing panties and floaties instead of the full battle gear available to the national “paper of record.”

He writes this after noting that the supplement was introduced “even as execs there prepared to cut 100 newsroom staffers.”

But The Chronicle cut 25 percent of its newsroom this summer, which means that (a) this all seems a little unsympathetic of Bronstein and (b) someone has to cover the Bay Area if his paper can’t, although admittedly it would probably be better if they came up with their own ledes.

Besides, Bronstein admits that he has just renewed his Times subscription. “I remain a BFF,” he writes, “despite occasional disappointments.”

Times Rips Off Chronicle, Chronicle Guy Says