Vice Magazine Throwing $250k Halloween Bash

In these ugly media times, the media party calendar is looking unusually thin this month. Sure, Gourmet is still throwing their party tonight and Cosmopolitan had its own party earlier this week, but the Manhattan magazine party circuit, particularly in October, ain’t what it used to be.

So, off to Brooklyn we go! Vice Magazine is throwing an absurdly un-frugal Halloween party in Williamsburg on Oct. 31, with expenses totaling more than $250,000, a spokesman for the magazine said.

And why throw something so ostentatious at a time when we’re watching the ax fall in every other part of town?

A press release for the party reads that “while the dinosaurs that surround us slowly suffocate in the tar pits of their financial ruin, [Vice] is throwing a massive Halloween birthday party to celebrate our 15th anniversary.”


It’ll take place in an unoccupied warehouse on North 10th Street between Berry and Wythe in Williamsburg, directly across the street from the Vice offices. There will be an open bar all night, several skating ramps and dozens of security men and firemen and policemen. The warehouse has a capacity of about 1,800 over two floors.

The party is celebrating the 15th anniversary for Vice, and the release of “a never-before-seen 1994 issue,” which includes “an interview” with Elizabeth Wurtzel, “an essay” by then-Sassy editor Christina Kelly about why My So-Called Life should be saved and a Kato Kaelin “interview.” Vice Magazine Throwing $250k Halloween Bash