Just back from… Verona & Venice, Italy

Ever since they’d first seen photographs of the Regata Storica (Venice Historical Regatta), my parents vowed to experience it firsthand. This fall, on the first Sunday in September, they attended this colorful and beautiful pageant & competition—and were not disappointed. It was an unforgettable sight, a true reconstruction of Venice’s glorious past, as they watched the sporting gondolas flying down the Grand Canal. This is definitely one of my must-dos!

On their way to Venice, my parents stopped in Verona, a city on their “most wanted” list, well worth a few days to explore & get to know.

– My parents adored La Magioca, a relais in Verona’s outskirts lovingly maintained by “The Signora” & her caring staff. 

– Verona’s filled with dining gems—Villa Renzi for pizza & pasta, Pescheria I Masenini for seafood, and antipasti at Al Pompiere. 

– In Venice, the terrace of Palazzo Stern, once the home of a renowned art collector, is the prime locale for regatta viewing. 

– Keep the regatta theme going & board a gondola to the entrance of the romantic Ca Maria Adele—a perfect couple’s hideaway. 

– After a day at the regatta, hire a water taxi to the island of Cavallino for an evening at Trattoria Laguna & take in a sunset. 

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