Liu In Deep With Sanitation Department

Apparently, our presumed new comptroller owes the city a lot of money. The Post says John Liu’s campaign received 7,840 citations for posting campaign signs on city property before last month’s primary, and each ticket carries a $75 fine.

So, John Liu owes the Sanitation Department about $588,000 dollars.

He would appear to have about half that amount left in his campaign coffers. His campaign collected about $3.5 million dollars during the race, received about $1.3 million in public funds, and spent about $4.6 million, leaving Mr. Liu about $256,000 dollars in the bank.

It’s unclear where the rest of the money would come from. Presumably it would be considered a campaign debt. Or maybe if you pay the city $256,000 to cover, say, 3,413 citations then they cut you a deal on the other 4,427. But the Sanitation Department is hand-delivering the bill today, so that seems unlikely.

The comptroller, it should be noted, is the city’s chief financial officer.

  Liu In Deep With Sanitation Department