Liu, Johnson Want Monserrate Out

ALBANY—Two more elected officials have weighed in calling for Hiram Monserrate’s resignation in the wake of his conviction on a misdemeanor assault charge.

John Liu, a former colleague of Monserrate’s in the City Council and the Democratic Party’s comptroller candidate, said that elected officials “are also held to a higher standard of trust and responsibility” and “remaining in office at this time would be a remendous disservice to his district and his constituents.” Liu called for Monserrate’s immediate resignation.

State Senator Craig Johnson, a Long Island Democrat who was silent on the issue until now (an aide said he didn’t want to jump out of the gate too fast and show prejudice as a potential member of the newly-formed Inquisition Panel), said, “It is now appropriate to share my personal point of view” that Monserrate should resign.

One elected official who has conspicuously not weighed in is David Paterson. He said Wednesday that “the issue of expulsion first would involve a committee to review it, so as is any ongoing legal process I’ll let it conclude and then tell you exactly what I think.”

And everyone else?

“It’s easy. It’s easy for expediency to make a remark here. And some of the discussion is very painful to me. But I think I have a higher duty,” Paterson replied.

  Liu, Johnson Want Monserrate Out