Lou Dobbs to Move to a Network as Fed Up as He Is, Maybe

Is Lou Dobbs leaving CNN for the Fox Business Network?

Mr. Dobbs had dinner with Fox chief Roger Ailes last month, according to a Times story this morning, and the move, if completed, would make sense.

As Fox continues to dominate the right side of the dial, and MSNBC has tacked left, CNN has gone for the middle ground, presenting itself as a more independent–or ideologically inscrutable, at least–arbiter of the news. But the outspoken Mr. Dobbs–with his frequent criticism of immigration policy, Obama’s “czars,” and his affiliation with the so-called Birthers–isn’t inscrutable at all. And while Mr. Dobbs once attracted a large audience, his ratings have dipped, as Felix Gillette noted recently.

Mr. Dobbs might find Fox Business to be a more comfortable environment. He’s a former business reporter with a libertarian streak, not unlike John Stossel, another of Fox Business’s recent hires who makes a living by being very angry at all times with the government. Lou Dobbs to Move to a Network as Fed Up as He Is, Maybe