Perfect, dreamy pop from superstars you don’t know

It’s been 10 years since Sofia Coppola’s moody directorial debut The Virgin Suicides was released, with its pitch-perfect soundtrack provided by French duo Air. Since then, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel have released five other albums (including the celebrated Moon Safari and Pocket Symphony), andtheir sixth, the lush and melodic Love 2, hits stores this week.

Judging by the 12 tracks on Love 2, lyrical meaning takes a back seat to the atmosphere provided by the instrumentals. (On “Love” the word “love” is simply whispered over and over again for more than two minutes. On others, like “Be a Bee,” words are barely decipherable.) But what atmosphere! Air has a knack for evoking feeling from their distinctive soft electronic sound, which goes beyond Muzak and manages to sound both retro and futuristic. We particularly like the sunny “Sing Sang Sung”—and not just because of its clever, trippy video. (Though it certainly doesn’t hurt!)

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