Mad Man Mad About Downtown Dump

John Slattery is not happy about that proposed three-story garbage garage slated for downtown. “Our design is better, nicer-looking, more environmentally friendly, and cheaper than the DSNY’s,” said Mr. Slattery at a meeting last week. The maddened Mad Man is pushing an alternative design called Hudson Rise. (Chloe Malle has a thorough report here.)

He’s not the only celebrity to come out against the dump–Kirsten Dunst, Casey Affleck, Jennifer Connely, Michael Stipe, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are listed as supporters–but Mr. Slattery was the only star who showed up to last Thursday’s fundraiser. (Unless, for some reason, you count mayoral candidate Bill Thompson as a star.)

In the words of his Mad Man character Roger Sterling, Jr. “I shall be both dog and pony.” Mr. Sterling, a rather compulsive philanderer, has also said, “I guess what I’m saying is at some point we’ve all parked in the wrong garage.” Mad Man Mad About Downtown Dump