More on the Monmouth/Gannett poll

A new Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll has Gov. Jon Corzine and Christopher Christie tied at 39%, with independent Christopher Daggett third at 14%. Corzine leads in North Jersey, 40%-38%, Christie leads 42%-36% in Central Jersey, and the candidates are tied at 39% in South Jersey. Daggett runs best in Central Jersey (16%), and is at 13% in the North and 14% in the South.

Christie is getting 81% of the Republicans and Corzine receives 76% of the Democrats. Christie has 45% of the independent vote, with Daggett at 22% and Corzine running third with 21%. Daggett gets 11% of the Democrats, and 8% of the Republicans.

Corzine is winning women, 43%-39%, while Christie leads 40%-34% among men. White voters favor Christie, 45%-32%, while Corzine leads 66%-17% among Blacks and Hispanics. Daggett is at 9% among Blacks and Hispanics, below his statewide averages.

Christie leads among voters over the age of 55 by a 42%-36% margin, while Corzine has a thirteen-point lead, 45%-32%, among voters under age 34.

Corzine's favorables among Democrats is 70%-17%, but he's upside-down among Independents, 21%-65%. Christie has 76%-13% favorables among Republicans, and is at 45%-35% among independents.

Daggett continues to struggle to be recognized by likely voters: more than half (56%) don't recognize his name. He has statewide favorables of 28%-15%, up significantly from earlier this month. More on the Monmouth/Gannett poll