Morelle: Cuomo’s Not (Necessarily) Acting Gubernatorial

ALBANY—Assemblyman Joe Morelle, chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, had his own take on how Andrew Cuomo sounded last week in a Buffalo speech many described as "gubernatorial."

"I think, obviously, it's too early to tell what he intends to do," Morelle, a longtime Cuomo ally, told me. "But Andrew–it shouldn't be a surprise to people that Andrew is thinking in broader terms–not because he may run for governor next year, but because since he was 20 has been in the center of New York and national politics."

"He talked about restoring the public's faith in government. I was there, obviously, and I've heard some of the comments that have been made, and I guess I wasn't as struck by the difference," Morelle continued. "Clearly he's talking about broader themes. I think we're all sort of in an interesting position in that the governor's poll numbers are going to have something to say about whether the governor is viable politically next year. If at the end of the day the governor decides not to run or if he decides it's not feasible for him to run, then a lot of people are going to be looking at Andrew." Morelle: Cuomo’s Not (Necessarily) Acting Gubernatorial