Morning News Digest: October 2, 2009

In New Jersey, a sharp, scrappy debate The rivals in the New Jersey governor’s race met Thursday night in a

In New Jersey, a sharp, scrappy debate

The rivals in the New Jersey governor’s race met Thursday night in a rambunctious first of three debates, with the Republican Christopher J. Christie assailing Gov. Jon S. Corzine over what he called “suffocating” taxes and job losses, and the Democratic incumbent dismissing Mr. Christie’s fiscal ideas as “fantasy” and his criticisms as dishonest. (Halbfinger, New York Times)

Daggett the decisive winner, Christie the indecisive loser in first debate

The best line of tonight’s debate came when, in a response to a question about just how the heck an independent could win the race for governor, Chris Daggett listened to both his opponents’ responses and then quipped: “It sounds like both of these guys might be voting for me.” (Mulshine, Star Ledger)

Christie’s promises

It has been suggested that Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher J. Christie, who wants your vote for the November election, is vague about curbing state budget spending – yet, he's offered 34 proposals to dispel the notion. (Albright, Jersey Journal)

Biden to stump for Corzine in Atlantic City

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to campaign for Governor Corzine at a union event in Atlantic City next week, it was announced Thursday. (Heininger, Star Ledger)

Unusual paths for candidates in gov. race

In January 1999, Jon Corzine was stripped of power as co-CEO at Goldman Sachs. The same month, Chris Christie made the first of a handful of trips to Austin, Texas, to meet with George W. Bush about a presidential run the Texas governor was considering. (AP)

Corzine says tax-return tactic helps children in low-income homes get healthcare

More than New Jersey 12,000 children from low-income families have been enrolled since June in Medicaid or in the free and low-cost health plan, FamilyCare, with the help of a n effort to find uninsured families through their tax returns, according to Gov. Jon Corzine. (Livio, Star Ledger)

Hamilton GOP rips Dems in state aid

The campaign season is heating up in Hamilton, where the GOP council candidates ripped their opponents yesterday for failing to speak out against Gov. Jon Corzine's cuts in state aid. (Duffy, Newhouse)

Women pivotal voters as race tightens

As the New Jersey governor's race tightens up, both major party candidates are scrambling for independent women voters – a large group whose members are beginning to make up their mind. (Burton, Inquirer)

Prosecutor: Ex-Dem leader hid role in company

A former northern New Jersey political boss committed fraud by concealing his role in a grant-writing company that got a public contract through his political connections and those of his attorney, a federal prosecutor charged Thursday. (Porter, AP)

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Morning News Digest: October 2, 2009