Morning Read: A Mayor Who’s Leaving for a Mayor Who Isn’t


Register to vote today.

There’s a funeral for Clifford Maloney today.

Bloomberg gets a Carnegie award.

Bloomberg will get the endorsement today of a mayor who, unlike him, is leaving office because of term limits.

The Times edit board does not support Charlie Rangel.

The WFP has influence over the Democratic Party that the Liberal Party never achieved,” writes Henry Stern.

Bloomberg responds calmly to being compared with George Bush.

Bloomberg’s spokesman won’t comment on being told to stay “the heck out” of Tennessee by a congressman there.

The G.O.P. candidate for comptroller doesn’t qualify for the upcoming debate.

Some lawmakers want hearings before hospitals close.

Rory Lancman wants the governor to sign legislation that would require it.

Because of M.T.A. cutbacks, snack vendors direct traffic.

Scoppetta’s departure is welcomed by the firefighters union.

Hevesi and Cohen won’t comment on the latest Ray Harding troubles.

One doctor is not a fan of the new snack rules in schools.

Jimmy Oddo and Vinny Ignizio aren’t happy about the cost of translation services.

Ugh, not again.

Maine is having a profoundly consequential fight over gay marriage and no one is watching.

And pictured above is Andrew Cuomo at a press conference announcing new legislation to regulate the state pension fund yesterday.

Morning Read: A Mayor Who’s Leaving for a Mayor Who Isn’t