Morning Read: Bloomberg and Thompson Debate, Keaney Raised Money

Advice for Michael Bloomberg and Bill Thompson for tonight’s debate.

City Room offers five questions on the economy.

Despite conventional wisdom, Bloomberg may be on the offensive here.

Jay Dow expects fireworks.

Christine Quinn’s top aide, Maura Keaney, raised money from unions while working on legislation affecting unions. Keaney did not discuss the event.

Bloomberg’s office defended the use of placement agents.

John Liu discussed running for comptroller with Kevin Wardally, Kevin Finnegan, Neal Kwatra and Bill Lipton, but “Liu ran the meeting.”

As of yesterday, Liu hadn’t been notified of any poster violations.

Freddy Ferrer tells Thompson to husband his resources.

[T]here appears to be little will within WFP leadership to boost any of the candidates running on Row E against the Democrats.”

David Freedlander looks at the WFP agenda.

The Daily News whacks the WFP for not helping Stella D’Oro workers.

Nick Confessore: “the power Mr. Rangel and others once wielded in New York City affairs is rapidly dispersing to Brooklyn and Queens, home to a younger generation of elected officials eager to assert themselves.”

Nancy Pelosi’s patience with Rangel may be running out.

Rudy Giuliani watches a couple of movies.

Reporting from Iran, not so easy.

Neither is reporting from New Jersey.

And here are some videos of controversial statements Bloomberg made about his hometown of Medford, MA., which people there don't appreciate. Morning Read: Bloomberg and Thompson Debate, Keaney Raised Money