Morning Read: Bloomberg Has a New Web Site, Stark Has a New Job


Michael Bloomberg is up with a web site attacking Bill Thompson over taxes, called

Bloomberg said it was “wrong” for Thompson to take campaign money from people doing business with the pension funds.

Don't try for a knockout, because it can't happen,” Mark Green says about debating Bloomberg.

Bloomberg and Thompson will march in a parade today, then prepare for tomorrow’s debate.

Bill Thompson pretty much served as Bloomberg’s John the Baptist,” writes Gatemouth.

The city’s former finance commissioner, Martha Stark, gets a job at Baruch.

Adam Lisberg writes about a Thompson donor.

Christine Quinn still hasn’t endorsed a mayoral candidate.

Douthat says Obama “wasn’t brave enough” to turn down the Nobel.

Goodwin wants Bloomberg and Thompson to acknowledge the fiscal crisis.

Liu has gotten 7,840 fines for postering.

A Bronx lawyer is in trouble.

Yesterday, Bloomberg went to a Columbus Day parade. Thompson didn’t.

The Post warns of a TWU work slowdown.

The Post is mixed on Nicholas Scoppetta’s record, and says keeping him on after the Deutsche Bank fire shows “Bloomberg’s repeated refusal to hold his top commissioners accountable.”

Fanelli picks up on the pagan Republican running for City Council.

Gatemouth skewers the Rent is Too High Party.

And pictured above is Thompson explaining his tax policies to two women at Kevin's Beauty Salon on Amsterdam Avenue on Saturday. Morning Read: Bloomberg Has a New Web Site, Stark Has a New Job