Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Clergy, Mitchell’s ‘Stealth’ Campaign

Calvin Butts gets money from Bloomberg and decides not to endorse Thompson.

Jusiper argues Bloomberg has so much support because he’s good.

Bloomberg is not attending a forum on hunger tonight.

Bloomberg will speak at Citizens Union as they honor Ed Koch.

A few fans booed the mayor when he came onstage, but they cheered when he promised them a Broadway ticker-tape parade.”

Conor Rogers counts Bloomberg as just another Northeast independent.

The Independence Party cuts a video for Bloomberg.

Bob Master yells.

Errol Louis watches competitive City Council races.

Kenny Mitchell tells the Advance he remains an “option” for voters in November.

Mr. NYC reluctantly endorses Thompson.

A Bronx principal may have tampered with grades.

Cy Vance is clearing up campaign debt.

Espada, Stewart, Baez, Adams and Ortiz were among the lawmakers who didn’t vote in the run-offs.

Michael Oliva explains it all.

The 100th rezoning is underway.

Chuck Schumer gets money from a porn queen.

And above is video where Geoffrey Davies makes the case for the Independence Party and Bloomberg. Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Clergy, Mitchell’s ‘Stealth’ Campaign