Morning Read: Campaigning in Queens, Echoing Giuliani

Chuck Schumer says he’s close to 60 votes for the public option.


So much for the Obama effect,” said the chief of staff to Leroy Comrie, who fended off a challenger in the primaries.

Michael Powell revisits the Dinkins era, and finds it’s not so bad.

Bill Thompson said something similar to Rudy Giuliani, while on Dov Hikind’s radio show.

Michael Bloomberg campaigned with Cory Booker in Queens.

Thompson campaign says they’re not coordinating with the C.W.A., even though they both hired Scott Levenson’s group.

Thompson has a 35:1 chance of winning, says Nate Silver.

Baruch: “Many students at the event felt the city is ‘better off with Bloomberg.’ ”

The race isn’t over, according to Frank Lombardi.

Dominicans are urged not to vote for Bloomberg or Thompson.

Bloomberg is spending a lot to buck the anti-incumbency trend.

One business blog says “all those unemployed, disgruntled voters have time to vote, and they probably won’t be voting for Bloomberg.”

Hikind gets Thompson to promise a review of ticketing.

Newspaper sites are the patent-leather stilettos of the online world: they get used for special occasions, but other shoes get much more daily wear.”

Kevin Kim and Dan Hollarn trade insults.

Bklynpol wants to oust Christine Quinn.

Bloomberg was in the Yankee club house.

Giuliani and Cuomo attended the same party.

Happy birthday, Hillary.

And here’s a Thompson flier I picked up in the Bronx yesterday. Morning Read: Campaigning in Queens, Echoing Giuliani