Morning Read: Debating Stop and Frisk, Teacher Raises


Bill Thompson said the city can’t afford 4 percent raises for teachers.

Errol Louis doesn’t like Rudy Giuliani’s comments about 1993, and warns Michael Bloomberg that “passion cuts both ways.”

NPR’s Ken Rudin feels unsettled by Bloomberg’s campaign.

Sophie Elmhirst: “Bloomberg is flanked by security men and, as he enters, the band of noisy New York journalists falls silent, like an obedient class of schoolchildren. Bloomberg, the richest man in New York, with a personal fortune valued at $17.5bn, has a hushing effect.”

The Jewish vote here is waning.

Jorge Montalvo predicts a 12-point spread in the Marist poll coming out today, and 7 points if he’s identified as a Republican.

Bobby Link puts the spread at 6 points.

The Epoch Times says things are getting nasty.

Andy Spano accused his opponent of racism.

The M.T.A. considers something like congestion pricing.

Fewer than 6,300 units of housing will be built in the city this year.

The New York Post continues their week-long series of editorials endorsing Bloomberg.

Rudy Giuliani and John McCain chat, according to Page Six.

Giuliani will attend a motivational seminar where George W. Bush is speaking.

Peter Vallone Jr. wants Ray Kelly to delete the names of innocent people from the NYPD stop-and-frisk database.

Bloomberg said he’s 10 percent over budget on the upgrades to the 911 system. prepares to go behind the wall.

More than $12,000 is missing from a city fund in Mount Vernon.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg at a recent event in Manhattan getting endorsed by Representative Mike McMahon, a Democrat.

Morning Read: Debating Stop and Frisk, Teacher Raises