Morning Read: Obama’s Shout Out, McMahon’s Meeting, Vallone’s Money

Barack Obama’s gave Bill Thompson a shout out.

POLITICO says Thompson wasn’t thrilled about it.

That got clarified, and Thompson said he was encouraged by it.

The shout out went “way beyond” the initial White House statement, says Benjamin and Saul.

It was something, but it wasn’t much,”according to the AP.

Democrats Mike Nelson and Domenic Recchia will endorse Michael Bloomberg.

Something truly unexpected from the Post edit board: “ Mike the big spender . . . ? Well, that’s too scary to contemplate.”

The Staten Island Advance endorses Bloomberg, but writes “In another, less tumultuous era, Mr. Thompson might well be our choice.”

The CWA is the only union backing Bill Thompson that’s buying tv ad time.

Gatemouth doesn’t like the reporting on Monserrate.

Charles Gasparino: [Andrew] Cuomo has rarely, if ever, taken any real risk or accomplished much beyond extending the status quo.”

Barack Obama wagged his finger at the financial industry.

Obama also wants his critics to help him clean up the mess.

The Post accuses Chuck Schumer of “policymaking-by-vendetta.”

Peter Vallone Jr. is forgoing matching funds, and being outspent.

Mike McMahon’s town hall meeting on health care was nonviolent.

Fix 911, says Juan Gonzalez.

Tim Bishop crosses party lines.

Jimmy Vacca gets on the GOP line.

The Nassau County DA deflected a question about whether she’ll serve a full term.

Democrats in Nassau want election monitors.

Here’s more on Anthony Seminerio’s relationship to a hospital he extorted.

San Francisco waters down Gavin Newsom’s policy to the check immigration status of juveniles in trouble.

Michael Savage thinks Obama is funding Bloomberg’s private army.

And here’s video of Thompson at a rally organized by AIDS activists outside Bloomberg’s campaign office yesterday.

Morning Read: Obama’s Shout Out, McMahon’s Meeting, Vallone’s Money