Morning Read: The Non-Endorsements

Bill Bratton and Rudy Crew could join a Thompson administration, while Kevin Sheekey may not stay for round three, according to the Times.

Michael Bloomberg tells an arts education group he doesn’t support funding the arts on a per pupil basis.

Andrew Hawkins finds the voters behind the reverse drop-off.

Andy Rooney: “I fail to understand why he wants the job for a third term. His decision to run again is enough to make anyone wonder whether his decision about anything makes sense.”

Thompson: “The only reason why a developer would say, ‘jeez, I don’t want to ensure [a living wage],’ is because they want to put more money in their pocket.”

Thompson’s wife: “The fact that he’s not aggressively confrontational doesn’t mean he’s passive or docile.”

So, Bloomberg didn’t endorse Andy Spano’s opponent after all.

Who campaigned for whom in the Bronx?

Max Schulz criticizes Bloomberg: “A focus on creating financial-sector carbon trader positions merely underscores the core criticism of green jobs: That they aren’t real employment a free economy would value enough to create on its own.”

Renegade UFT teachers unhappy with the union’s neutrality, say vote for anyone other than Bloomberg and Thompson.

Jennifer Medina looks at the silent teachers union and ongoing contract negotiations.

Leslie Crocker Snyder backs Bloomberg.

Juan Gonzalez finds two former officials now working at a company who won a lucrative city contract.

More problems for the Second Avenue subway.

Metro has a Halloween-y front-page.

And above is Freddy Ferrer in a Spanish-language ad for Thompson.

Morning Read: The Non-Endorsements