Morning Read: Thompson Attacks, Rangel Survives, Horowitz Scores

Bill Thmopson launched a “blistering” attack on Michael Bloomberg’s economic record, but did not say how he’d pay for his own proposals.

It was hard to come up with predictions on how much Thompson’s health insurance and easing up of business fines would cost.

Paying for proposals is not outlined in Thompson’s ad either.

Lobbyist Richard Lipsky agrees with Kornacki’s analysis of term limits and Bloomberg’s reelection efforts.

“Is something happening here?” asks Swing State Project in reaction to Survey USA’s poll numbers on the race.

Bloomberg takes the high road when asked about the NRA ad in Virginia.

Michael Long isn’t happy about the public paying for Bloomberg’s gun investigation, even as he concedes that the outcome was useful.

Dan Cantor told the Daily News,“We're not as unified on the mayor's race as we were in these other citywide races.”

Reader Eddie C thinks I shouldn’t have mentioned how close the Teamsters endorsement was.

Ben Muessig looks at Democrats not supporting Democrats.

Peter King voted to keep Charlie Rangel in place for now.

Gail Collins goes along with Rangel’s critics.

Fernando Cabera “smiles so much it seems almost like a permanent facial expression.”

Running for mayor while acting as police chief is problematic.

Brad Lander doesn’t want to discuss Christine Quinn, just yet.


Jason Horowitz reports that Mary Cheney is starting a firm, possibly with her father and sister.

And here's the New York Post's footage of Bloomberg's gun investigation announcement. Morning Read: Thompson Attacks, Rangel Survives, Horowitz Scores