Morning Read: Thompson Gets Two Endorsements, Bloomberg Jockeys for Yankee Seats


Michael Bloomberg aides prepare for Barack Obama’s embrace of Bill Thompson when he’s in town next.

Bloomberg's and Rudy Giuliani's Yankee playoff seats, compared.

Adam Lisberg quotes a Bloomberg supporter saying, “"The negative ads give Billy credibility, and I think they give him recognition among voters."

Errol Louis: “Leadership of a city is also about projecting—and protecting—civic virtues like honesty, inclusion, humility and compassion. That's where Bloomberg is vulnerable, and why the race for mayor will surely tighten in these final weeks.”

Fred and Harry Siegel say Bloomberg’s vision of the city as a “luxury product” will be crippled by the city’s growing spending, shrinking Wall Street and rise of the WFP.

Amsterdam News endorses Thompson, saying Bloomberg “has put his own ambitions and will above the will of the people.”

El Diario endorses Thompson, saying, “What New York City needs is an executive with a balanced perspective towards development and growth.”

Bloomberg will look into what Maura Keaney did.

Some LGBT supporters aren’t happy with Thompson’s comments about Obama.

Marcia Kramer looks at Thompson’s defense of Pedro Espada.

The number of affordable housing units Bloomberg created have been “overwhelmed” by the number of affordable units that have been lost due to “market forces.”

Middle-class jobs are disappearing and being replaced by lesser-paying jobs.

The NYPD did not return calls for comment regarding jaywalking.

So much for that “Day of Outrage” by T.W.U. members.

Watch the homeless statistics, says the Times edit board.

And pictured above is the scene at Thompson's campaign office in Harlem recently.

Morning Read: Thompson Gets Two Endorsements, Bloomberg Jockeys for Yankee Seats