Morning Read: Thompson Launches Attacks, Monserrate Faces Fewer Charges


The mayor who had Albuquerque’s term limits law thrown out lost his re-election bid.

Bill Thompson runs his first attack ads against Michael Bloomberg.

Kornacki thinks there may be some Bradley-Whitman in this Bloomberg-Thompson race.

Bragg looks at Thompson’s transportation policies.

Roberts finds districts where nobody voted.

Charlie Rangel procures $3 million for CCNY.

Tracy Boyland wants another election.

Reader greenblue is optimistic about Thompson’s chances.

Mike McMahon refused to commit for, or against, the public option.

Wrobleski thinks Vito Fossella’s appearance at an earlier town hall forum was a set up.

Plans without a public option are essentially worthless,” writes Roy Moskowitz.

Hackshaw asks a question that Josh Robins ran past Bloomberg earlier.

A YouTubed street fight between a pedicab driver and a cabbie may lead to a crackdown on pedicabs.

Blacks and Hispanics need more protection from swine flu, says Juan Gonzalez.

Deutsche may start coming down.

Less junk food in schools.

A judge throws out some charges against Monserrate.

The judge said some of the charges were inconsistent with the prosecution’s own theory.

Monserrate’s girlfriend was so drunk the night he allegedly assaulted her she was asked to leave a party earlier that evening.

Morning Read: Thompson Launches Attacks, Monserrate Faces Fewer Charges