Morning Read, Upstate: A Debate, Finally

George Pataki endorsed Doug Hoffman for Congress.

Jake Menges, presumably with the tacit blessing of Rudy Giuliani, will help Hoffman.

Hoffman told a chamber of commerce he wants to implement a flat tax.

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican dinged Hoffman for skipping a debate Wednesday night.

All three candidates debated in Syracuse. (Clip below.)

Dede Scozzafava was the only candidate to have an opinion on every question.

She said that her lack of outside financial support means she’s free of special interest influence.

A Time reporter called the campaign “anything but typical.”

Dominic Carter been placed on indefinite leave from NY1.

New York’s budget deficit is now $3.2 billion, David Paterson says.

It will be $10 billion over the next two years.

The governor still wants a property tax circuit breaker, eventually.

Legislative leaders agreed to do something, kind of.

Paterson declared a swine flu emergency.

Then he denied it, and a spokesman clarified.

Four government reform groups called on the Legislative Ethics Commission to investigate Hiram Monserrate’s legal slush fund.

At the Queens County Democratic Dinner, where partisans cheered for Monserate’s declared primary challenger Assemblyman Jose Peralta, Monserrate said: “I know the people of Queens County…I have full faith that they will see through the politics, and I look forward to putting my many accomplishments in public service out there for public view.”

The News says the Commission on Public Integrity shouldn’t have dropped the Caroline Kennedy case.

The Post is angry about John Zuccoti’s high-priced consulting with unions.

Deposits on bottle water start Saturday.

Kirsten Gillibrand will talk about climate change in the North Country.

She’s going everywhere.


Morning Read, Upstate: A Debate, Finally