Morning Read, Upstate: Budget Cuts Eventually Maybe

After getting stiffed by legislative leaders, David Paterson will announce his plans to reduce a budget deficit. Soon.

The Post thinks that someone needs to lead. They think (hope?) it will be Sheldon Silver.

Paterson vetoed two bills, one of which would have required public hearings before hospitals close.

Registration stickers are falling off windshields.

Rick Lazio wants a unicameral legislature and a hard property tax.

The grape harvest is down 22 percent.

State Senator (and AG hopeful) Jeff Klein is pushing a bill to require collection of DNA upon arrest.

Paterson (and Richard Ravitch) are going to Syracuse today.

Andrew Cuomo headlined a Democratic dinner in Monroe County, talking of the need to "redesign" the machine of government.

Christine Quinn led officials in condemning an anti-gay bias attack.

Chuck Schumer wants to create a "silver alert" system.

The State Senate wants you to be counted in the Census.

State Senator Joe Griffo wants governors to serve a single, six-year term.

State Senator Kathy Young said she's "very concerned" with some decisions made in Albany.

Troy Republicans want more oversight of absentee ballots.

And below, Barack Obama speaking this week at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner: Morning Read, Upstate: Budget Cuts Eventually Maybe