Morning Read, Upstate: Budget Cuts Unveiled Today

The state's budget deficit could grow to $4.1 billion, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said.

"I said back in April that this was a buy-time budget, and now time is up," DiNapoli wrote in a report. "This budget simply has not held together."

David Paterson will today unveil a package of education and health care cuts; he will reportedly not propose tax hikes.

"It's going to be pretty grim," Paterson told the News.

The Post tells taxpayers to "say your prayers" that the Legislature will join Paterson.

Sheldon Silver said he didn't think things are as bad as Paterson thinks, and called the proposal a "worst-case scenario."

A crony of Steve Pigeon's was hired as the State Senate's $70,000-a-year "director of upstate relations" by State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.

The question of eminent domain for Atlantic Yards was heard by the Court of Appeals.

Judges seemed skeptical that "public use" did not include the economic development from the project.

The News says the court should decide for the developers.

Legal experts say the trial of Hiram Monserrate is too close to call.

Bill Owens wouldn't offer a firm position on whether the U.S. should send more troops to Afghanistan.

Doug Hoffman is reaching out to conservative bloggers.

Andrew Cuomo is on the road, promoting his bill for a pension oversight board.

Paterson announced funding for some upstate projects.

Paterson also announced a crack-down on truck drivers who use G.P.S. and then accidentally hit bridges.

The state will email job leads to people who sign up for unemployment benefits.

John Sweeney's driver’s license was suspended until 2011.

A judge denied a request by Joe Bruno's lawyers to delay the start of his trial.

State Senator Craig Johnson wants to keep per diem reimbursements for legislators from increasing.

Alan Bedenko thinks Chris Collins is out of touch with the poor.

And below, Irene Jay Liu explains the factions in the State Senate: Morning Read, Upstate: Budget Cuts Unveiled Today