Morning Read, Upstate: Collecting Cigarette Taxes, Considering Monserrate

Barack Obama raised a lot of money last night, joking about his daughters and the Yankees.

He also visited the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

David Paterson will ask lawmakers to consider same-sex marriage legislation as they deal with a deficit.

He promised to reintroduce the soda tax.

Paterson also wants to start collecting cigarette taxes sold to non-Indians on reservations.

He’s asked the federal government to look at what help it could give on the cigarette issue.

The State Senate has formed a “special committee of inquiry” to consider whether Hiram Monserrate should stay in the chamber.

“As a father with daughters, I am not only angry, but I’m pissed off,” Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson said.

The panel will consist of Eric Schneiderman and four women.

The News doesn’t want to see a quiet resignation from Monserrate, because “The public deserves an answer from each member of the Senate: Yes or no, does Monserrate merit expulsion based on his misdemeanor guilty verdict for assaulting his girlfriend?”

The Times says Monserrate must go.

Because of a judicial delay, the expanded bottle bill won’t take effect this week.

A poll finds 72 percent of voters don’t approve of David Paterson.

It also finds Rudy Giuliani would beat him or Kirsten Gillibrand in an election.

Andrew Cuomo trounces Paterson in a hypothetical primary.

Charles Gasparino thinks Cuomo’s record is overblown.

The closure of the Champlain Bridge is affecting commerce.

Cuomo threatened to sue Fed Ex for keeping some drivers classified as contractors.

Busines speople told a judge how ex-assemblyman Tony Seminerio shook them down.

A state judge was removed in Westchester County.

His brother, in the Bronx, got to stay.

Nancy Zimpher is developing a strategic plan for SUNY that will make it more of an economic engine.

Eric Massa and Tom Reed disagreed over the effectiveness of the federal stimulus.

Representative John Hall thinks Monserrate should resign.

Obama also raised money for Bill Owens.

Here’s the tick-tock of a confrontation between Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava and a Weekly Standard reporter.

This is not the message Scozzafava’s people want to project right now.

Newsweek thinks NY-23 is more important than the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia.

Chris Cillizza wonders if Doug Hoffman can actually win.

And below, here’s a video of John Sampson announcing the Monserrate panel:


  Morning Read, Upstate: Collecting Cigarette Taxes, Considering Monserrate