Morning Read, Upstate: Hiram’s Second Trial

The State Senate will announce a panel to consider expelling Hiram Monserrate.

Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand think Monserrate should go.

Sheldon Silver said Monserrate engaged in a “classic case of domestic violence” and should “probably” be expelled.

Barack Obama will be in Manhattan tonight.

State Senate Democrats have scheduled hearings when David Paterson wants them to be in Albany.

The Assembly is having hearings this week.

Some of the things Paterson has proposed to bridge the deficit aren’t cuts.

Down-ballot candidates are dealing with his problems.

MTA head Jay Walder promised to keep fighting an arbitrated contact he said was too expensive.

The News likes this, and likes that Walder took a bus to get to an editorial board meeting at their office.

Bill Hammond is amazed that members of the State Senate Labor committee are fighting to keep stenographers as opposed to tape recorders.

State Senators Eric Schneiderman and Neil Breslin are supporting a public option.

Republican Nan Hayworth will run against Representative  John Hall.

Candidates to replace John McHugh will debate next week.

Another PAC is funding an ad attacking Dede Scozzafava.

A police officer showed up when a reporter from Washington repeatedly asked Scozzafava questions.

Dick Armey explained why he’s stumping for Doug Hoffman.

At a hearing in Albany, dairy farmers pleaded for help.

Rick Lazio is getting some endorsements in Suffolk County.

The Committee to Protect the Finger Lakes wants caution in considering Marcellus Shale drilling.

Paterson’s proposed cuts would mean $129,000 less for the City of Corning.

And below, Geri Thompson supports Doug Hoffman on Fox News:


Morning Read, Upstate: Hiram’s Second Trial