Morning Read, Upstate: No Leak Investigation

The Commission on Public Integrity will not investigate the Caroline Kennedy leaks.

“We have no idea who the commission interviewed, if anyone, about our complaint,” said NYPIRG’s Blair Horner. The determination was sent to groups, and not made public. Nothing about the inquiry is public.

Paterson’s spokesman said he “is pleased that this matter has been investigated and that the Commission on Public Integrity has determined that no one in his administration violated the Public Officers Law.”

A Paterson advisor said collecting taxes from Indian reservations could be a “military problem.”

On CNBC, Paterson once again warned the state could run out of money by December.

“Given the intense level of public scrutiny which currently surrounds Sen. Monserrate, there is no realistic danger that he will cause future injury to Ms. Giraldo,” wrote Giraldo’s lawyer, lobbying to have a restraining order lifted so the couple can resume their “intimate relationship.”

The Times  continues its crusade against Albany, saying “the Ethics Commission is an inside joke” for legislators.

Stipends paid to state judges doubled.

Andrew Cuomo set up a company to set health insurance reimbursement rates.

Joe Biden raised money for Representative Steve Israel.

State Senator Tom Duane signed on to a law to stiffen penalties for drunk drivers.

County Clerks in the Capital Region are joining the protest against a new license plate issue.

1.5 million New Yorkers left.

The University at Buffalo is still expanding.

A poll by the Minuteman PAC says Doug Hoffman is leading.

Fred Dicker writes that “nothing short of the survival of the State GOP is at stake” in Scozzafava’s candidacy.

Two more debates between the candidates are pending.

Hoffman, an earmark foe, sits on the board of a hospital that accepted an earmark.

Twenty-eight House members gave money to Bill Owens.

Dede Scozzafava went on Hotline.

Mike Huckabee came to Syracuse.

Representative Eric Massa, and his Republican opponent, want to extend the tax credit for first-time homebuyers.

As goes Cheektowaga….

And below, a newscast about a cancelled debate:


Morning Read, Upstate: No Leak Investigation