Morning Read, Upstate: Owens and Scozzafava Debate

David Paterson is starting to think about not running for governor.

Under the cloud of a deficit, Paterson and legislative leaders will meet in New York City this afternoon.

The Post says they should consider that people are leaving the state in droves.

School officials are concerned with mid-year cuts.

Queens Democrats are backing Assemblyman Jose Peralta over State Senator Hiram Monserrate for Monserrate’s seat.

Eric DiNallo, would-be attorney general, insists he’s not running against Wall Street.

The Champlain Bridge won’t reopen until the spring.

Tom DiNapoli returned benefits that had been stripped from 62 lawyers.

Bill Owens and Dede Scozzafava debated.

Joe LoTemplio writes:  “Scozzafava showed a thorough command of the issues, offering detailed answers to most questions. Owens, while he did not stumble, kept most of his answers shorter and offered fewer details.”

Here are interviews with all three candidates.

The winner of the election could help determine whether it is split apart.

The Watertown Daily Times endorsed Scozzafava.

Sherwood Boehlert wishes there were more moderates around.

Tea partiers for Doug Hoffman.

Some counties in the district will use mechanical voting, some will use paper ballots.

Property taxes near New York are high.

John Zuccotti charged the M.T.A. $900 an hour for arbitration.

Stan Lundine talked about the slow process of government consolidation.

A Republican is running for mayor of Albany.

Richard Ravitch says bridge tolls are not completely dead.

State Senator Joe Griffo wants a budget hearing in central New York.

The Dutchess County Democratic chief apologized about a misquote in a mailer.

Erie County Democrats are complaining about the Republican State Committee sending mailers for county legislative races.

Both candidates for Westchester County executive complained about their opponents mailers.

And here’s WWNY’s interview with Doug Hoffman:

Morning Read, Upstate: Owens and Scozzafava Debate