‘Mr. Second Amendment’ Takes Aim at Mayor Bloomberg

Politico has a new attack ad on Mayor Bloomberg, and it’s a little more aggressive than the ones coming from Bill Thompson.

The ad, paid for by the N.R.A., features a Sopranos-style mobster who is apparently on assignment in Virginia, encouraging people to vote against gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell because he got in the mayor’s way on gun control.

The ad is the latest in an ongoing spat between the mayor and the former attorney general, which started in 2006 when the city filed suit against gun dealers in five states, including some in Virginia. Mr. McDonnell claimed New York lacked jurisdiction for the suit and later threatened to arrest Mr. Bloomberg and any New York law enforcement officers who tried to buy guns undercover. 

Then, this April, Mr. Bloomberg paid for an ad featuring the brother of a slain Virginia Tech student that ended with the line: “Ask Bob McDonnell why he’s protecting criminals instead of protecting us.”

McDonnell’s new ad ends like this: “He’s Bob McDonnell, defending Virginia’s freedom from whoever tries to take it away. Even if it’s the New York mayor and his cronies. Send New York a message. Vote Bob McDonnell for governor.” ‘Mr. Second Amendment’ Takes Aim at Mayor Bloomberg