Nick Trautwein is A New Senior Editor at The New Yorker

Nick Trautwein, an editor at Penguin Press, has just been hired as a senior editor at The New Yorker.

He is replacing Emily Eakin, who is leaving the magazine for medical reasons. As we reported a few weeks ago, The New Yorker had to get a green light from the higher-ups at Conde Nast to fill the position since there is a hiring freeze, and it was granted. (They also got permission to hire Amelia Lester, formerly an editor at Paris Review, to become their new managing editor. Though they did not replace Jeffrey Frank, a senior editor who left last year.)


The hire comes during a tough moment at 4 Times Square. The New Yorker, which has been celebrated internally for keeping its budget in check, was free from meeting with consultants at McKinsey, and is the only magazine that is free from mandated cuts. Layoffs at nearly every magazine will take place over the next two weeks, and over 200 people have been let go already.

As for Mr. Trautwein, he is leaving one of the cushiest jobs in publishing, one that he just started a few months ago. Before he worked at Penguin, where he edited Ken Auletta’s Googled, he was an editor at Bloomsbury and edited Edmund White’s City Boy, Garry Kasparov’s How Life Imitates Chess and Kingsley Amis’s Everyday Drinking. Before that, he worked as an assistant to David Hirshey at HarperCollins and worked on Sy Hersh’s Chain of Command. Prior to that, he used to work at Esquire and Men’s Journal.

Mr. Auletta and Mr. Hersh are both staff writers at the magazine, so presumably that gave Mr. Trautwein something of an inside track.

“Nick can work in any medium,” Mr. Hirshey told Off the Record. “He’s a rare example of an old-school, roll-up your sleeves and burnish the words editor. If he could edit with a blue pencil on his computer he would.”

New Yorker editor David Remnick wrote us an email and said, “Anyone whose resume includes playing sax in Chubby Checker’s touring band has got to have something going on. And from everything I have seen, Nick Trautwein, really does. He’s worked for one of the best editors in town, Ann Godoff, and his writers sing his praises, just as Chubby once did. I look forward to working with him.”

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Nick Trautwein is A New Senior Editor at The New Yorker