On Bloomberg’s Campaign Site, No Giuliani

When Rudy Giuliani endorsed Michael Bloomberg is 2001, he was everywhere. This year, he’s pretty much nowhere.

He’s not listed on the campaign web site’s roster of supporters. Nor is there a video or image of Giuliani anywhere on campaign site.

Giuliani is mentioned prominently in the boilerplate section of press releases the campaign sends to reporters when announcing an endorsement. But his absence elsewhere is notable, considering the emphasis the Bloomberg campaign has placed on promoting its supporters, no matter how obscure or off-beat.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty endorsed Bloomberg, and so are designer Oscar de la Renta and actor Matt Damon, right along with the founder of the Flatbush Shormrim and the president of the Vietnamese American Community Association of New York.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who appeared with Bloomberg on the same day this weekend as Giuliani, is featured on the site in a new video. Giuliani, who appeared with Bloomberg at a breakfast in Borough Park and later marched with him in a parade in Brooklyn, is not.

(In fact, I thought the campaign had shot their Giuliani ad back in April.)

This Sunday, Bloomberg was asked whether he had any concerns that appearing with Giuliani would turn away prospective supporters.

“No. I’d like to get the support of everybody in this city,” he said. “Rudy, I’ve said this for eight years, left this city better than he found it.”

He added, “In the communities that like him, hopefully they’ll come out and vote,” but “in the end, people will look at the record of the Bloomberg administration and decide whether they want four more years.”

Bloomberg’s attempted to distance himself from the former mayor’s remarks this weekend that crime could skyrocket if Bloomberg were not re-elected.

Bloomberg and Giuliani are scheduled to appear together at a Bronx Republican diner on October 22, and at a fund-raiser for local elected on Staten Island on October 31.

A spokesman for Bloomberg’s campaign declined to comment. On Bloomberg’s Campaign Site, No Giuliani