Paterson and Owens Together Tonight

ALBANY—David Paterson will headline a fund-raising dinner in St. Lawrence County tonight, and Bill Owens will be there.

This is the first public appearance that Paterson, suffering from persistently low poll numbers, has had with Owens, the Democratic Party's candidate to replace John McHugh in Congress.

Spokesmen for both men confirm they will be at tonight's dinner on the campus of SUNY Canton. Owens next week will appear at a fund-raiser with Barack Obama, and has already appeared at events with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Conservatives are doing their best to make Paterson an albatross for Owens; for the same reason, Paterson kept a low profile during the election of Scott Murphy, not appearing with the candidate until an unpublicized event on election night. Paterson told me then that he had been working behind the scenes. Paterson and Owens Together Tonight