Paterson Hits Airwaves Tonight Again

ALBANY—David Paterson's post-deficit package media blitz will continue this evening.

At 6 p.m., he'll be on four stations at once. In many appearances this morning, Paterson has criticzed legislators.

Here's a copy of the schedule Paterson's press shop put out, and below, a clip that will air tonight on public television's New York NOW.

4:40 PM Taped Interview on NPR's All Things Considered

6:00 PM Taped Interview with WABC TV's Diana Williams

Taped Interview with WNBC-TV's Melissa Russo

Taped Interview with WCBS-TV's Marcia Kramer

Taped Interview with Telemundo's Raymond Zayas

7:00 PM Taped Interview with WNBC-HD's Gabe Pressman

7:30 PM Taped Interview on WMHT-TV, New York NOW

8:30 PM Taped Interview with WXXI Need to Know

Paterson Hits Airwaves Tonight Again