Paterson: The License Plates Aren’t the End of the World

ALBANY—County Clerks are starting whip up a furor about the provision tucked into the state budget requiring motorists to buy new license plates–at a cost of $25–launching an online petition against the measure.

Paterson, whose spokesman said the movement was people “trying to score cheap political points” was asked about the issues this morning during an appearance on WOR with John Gambling.

“Eventually we do have to replace the license plates,” Paterson said. “We moved the time up, frankly, because we needed the revenues. It is eliciting a tremendously negative reaction within the public, and my view is this: where there is undue harm, we have extended food by 30 percent, we’ve extended unemployment time from 26 to 39 weeks, we’ve extended the COBRA benefits, which is the health care when you lose your job, by 18 months. If this is that kind of hardship, then I will look at it. But I would ask the people who want me to do that, then let us get through this deficit reduction plan. If I were to reverse this because of the outcry, there will be outrage from everywhere about everything. What we will do is, let’s get this deficit reduction plan done, and we’ll go back and we’ll look at, perhaps, some of the proposals we’ve made that may have hurt people.”

Paterson also attacked a story claiming he is hesitating about a run next year.

“Those articles are being planted. People close to me are not talking to the media. People who say they’re close to me who have other agendas are doing that,” Paterson said. “How many times do I have to say that I am running?”

  Paterson: The License Plates Aren’t the End of the World