People Who Aren’t Buying NBC Universal

Reuters reported earlier today that Rupert Murdoch may be bidding on NBC Universal, but the general consensus of the blogs is that he is not.

Mediaite rounds up the “eyebrow-raising” rumors of Murdoch’s interest (might it include ” a terrifying fox/peacock hybrid” logo?) but concludes that such a deal “probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon,” although it’s fun speculation for all involved parties. Gawker agrees, citing Bruce Bueno de Mesquita’s pro-Comcast predictions in The Wall Street Journal as well as FCC roadblocks.

Other people who will not be buying NBC Universal include Time Warner. TV Newser reports that at a conference this morning, “Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes reiterated that his company has no interest in a NBCU bid.”

Good to know. People Who Aren’t Buying NBC Universal