Philadelphia Inquirer endorses Corzine

The Philadelphia Inquirer today endorsed Democrat Jon Corzine for re-election to a second term as Governor. This is the second daily newspaper to endorse a candidate in the race for Governor: last Sunday, the Star-Ledger said it supported independent Christopher Daggett.

"Despite Corzine's flaws, the Democrat's record shows a capacity to go against the state's traditional politics and improve its government. Given that record and the weak alternatives, The Inquirer endorses Jon Corzine," the editorial said. "Christie… gave the public astonishingly few reasons to vote for him, and not just against Corzine."

The newspaper, despite some speculation, did not appear to seriously consider Daggett.

"Daggett's platform is sketchy. He relies heavily on his status as an independent who can "bring people together" – which sounds good, but could mean almost anything, the Inquirer wrote.

This is Corzine's second Inquirer endorsement. The newspaper backed him for Governor in 2005, but supported Republican Bob Franks for U.S. Senate in 2000.

Philadelphia Inquirer endorses Corzine