Pie Charts Reveal Dislike for Word ‘Republican’

This morning, while the papers were giving Bill Thompson backhanded compliments for his debate performance–he “has the look of a winner now,” said the Daily News–Survey USA released a new poll that had quite the opposite look.

The new poll has Mayor Bloomberg beating Mr. Thompson 55 to 38–a curious result since the same polling outfit said it was a surprisingly-close 8-point race two weeks ago.

What happened?

Well, apparently Survey USA dropped the appellation “Republican” from its mention of the mayor, says Azi Paybarah. Last time, the pollsters asked if you’d vote for Republican Michael Bloomberg or Democrat Bill Thompson; this time, they asked using only the candidates’ names.

So now we know: being identified as a Republican basically loses you 11 points in the head-to-head.

That news might be comforting to Mr. Thompson, whose campaign literature mentions that he is a “Democrat for Mayor,” and whose television ads end like this: “Thompson. Mayor. Democrat.”

Then again, voters will be seeing a lot more of Bloomberg’s stuff, which usually mentions the word “indpendent” and, funnily enough, rarely mentions the word “Republican.”


Pie Charts Reveal Dislike for Word ‘Republican’