Piling On the Pre-Christian Candidate in Queens

Rough day for Dan Halloran.

An article in the Daily News this morning accused the Queens City Council candidate of playing the race card against his opponent, Kevin Kim, who is Korean-American. But, as we noted a few weeks ago, and as the Daily News notes here, and as every article on Mr. Halloran will probably note for all time–it’s not the first p.r. problem for the Republican candidate. The story this morning ends thus:

He’s also been trying to counter attention from a weekly newspaper story that dubbed him a “pagan lord” for his involvement in a pre-Christian religion.

I have to assume that’s not going well, since the featured article on the Village Voice website right now is a 2500-word story that explores Mr. Halloran’s pagan sect and ties heathenism to the recruitment of white supremacists in prison.

Apparently, for Mr. Halloran and his New Normandy group, being a pre-Christian means trying to live like some Danes did in the 12th century. You wear some period clothing, you drink a little mead out of a horn, you sacrifice an animal then you barbecue it–that kind of thing. In Mr. Halloran’s case, it also involves two license plates–“Tiw Tru” and “Tyr Tru”–celebrating an ancient one-handed god.

Despite Mr. Halloran’s unorthodox religion, the race must be pretty close; the Democrats brought in Mario Cuomo to host a fund-raiser for Mr. Kim this afternoon. Piling On the Pre-Christian Candidate in Queens